Go wild!

Go wild!
Like a child 🙂
Have fun,
With lots of pun.
Smile incessantly 😀
To live pleasantly.
Life is short,
So take a shot.
Go wild!
Like a child 🙂
Give it your best,
Take rest if must.


HE is the Beginning & End….

“HE” is the beginning, “HE” is the end.
Giving us reasons to live and defend
For, HE knows our capabilities and weakness
HE takes us through hardship and pretense
God is there, surrounding us
We are yet to see and feel HIM next
Thank you for giving us the strength to live
In this complex and unfriendly world
You are the only one who will take us through
This living indifferent fiery essence (LIFE)

My Heart Grieves…

My heart grieves,
For the loss indeed.
It can still feel,
The touch, warmth and creed,
The loss is permanent.
With no scope of recovery.
The cherished moments fill my life
With happiness and ecstasy.
The loved ones will live in my heart,
And will be alive till am alive.
But my heart still grieves,
For the loss indeed.

Random Thought!

Why crave for the Best?
When it can get worse along.
Life is already so consuming…with harsh realities
Is there a need to experience wrath?
Best is not good always.
At times It gets worse along with it,
I have craved for the best.
But will stop from now because worse is hard to accept and relate to,
Life is already so consuming…
why drown oneself into this luring of
Best is waiting for us,
When it can get the worse along

Don’t come close

She said: Don’t come close to me,

For there is darkness you will see.

The labyrinth in me is profound really!

I said: Come closer and you will realize

The darkenss in me can see your light.

For, the muddle can be sorted,

When we are knotted.

I said you are …

I said you are my world, love and happiness. Without you am nothing here, don’t abandon me for much luxuries because unconditional love is what one seeks. Am here by your side forever always waiting and ready to give love how much ever you need.